Occupational Accident Program

Two “A” Rated Carriers
Nationwide Programs
No Restricted Classes
Available In All States
Entertaining Companies with 5 or more Drivers

Total Coverage
  • Occupational Accident
  • Contingent Liability
  • Corporate Workers’ Compensation
  • Fleet Driver Workers’ Compensation
  • Shop all other lines of insurance for transportation companies


  • Misclassification Defense Insurance
  • Auto
  • Hired/Non-Owned
  • Umbrella
  • GL
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Etc

Occupational Accident

Coverage for “On the Job” injuries. One of the broadest forms in the market. Includes Hernia, Hemorrhoid, Occupational Disease and Cumulative Trauma. Passenger Accident, Casual Laborer (Helper) and Non-Occupational Accident available.

Contingent Liability

Reclassification Coverage for the Motor Carrier. The coverage will pay the legal cost to defend a Motor Carrier in a reclassification case. It will also pay equivalent Workers’ Compensation Benefits if the Independent Contractor is deemed to be an employee of the Motor Carrier.

Motor Carrier Workers’ Compensation

Corporate Workers’ Compensation provides Statutory Coverage for Employees of the Motor Carrier.


The Corporate Workers’ Compensation Coverage will not audit for the Independent Contractor payroll as long as the Independent Contractor is buying Occupational Accident & Contingent Liability from the appointed underwriters.

Fleet Driver Workers’ Compensation

 Fleet Driver Workers’ Compensation provides Statutory Coverage for the Employee Drivers of an Independent Contractor. This insurance is available to an Independent Contractor who is buying Occupational Accident through the program.